Our Programs

The book a child Campaign: This program is an on-going campaign that solicits books and other learning materials donations from members of the public to aid in the promotion of literacy and a reading culture among children and youths living in rural and urban informal settlements of Kenya. We donate books to schools and do library startups in communities where none exist with our first Book_A_Child Library established at Mzizima Primary School in Kilifi County on October 6th 2018.

The ILead Program: The broad goal of the ILead program is to promote a reading culture among children living in rural areas and urban informal settlements by sensitizing them on the importance of education in relation to poverty alleviation. This is a program targeting children aged between 6 years and 15 years who are in primary schools. It supplements academic learning by refocusing skills education for self-reliance and offers mentorship on life skills, education, talent & leadership.

The Somo2Kazi Program: Somo2Kazi Program is Swahili meaning transitioning from education to employment. Through the program, we connect high school students to role models and mentors who help them align their talents, skills, strengths and passions to their future careers. These role models are people drawn from the business sector, civil societies, academia and government with an aim of equipping high school students with entrepreneurial skills, life skills, work skills, money skills and other skills that they require to build self-reliant futures through self-employment. Our aim is to see more youths who possess different skills and talents starting up businesses that can sustain their livelihoods rather than adding to the unemployment statistics.

Mentorship Programs on:

  • Education
  • Career
  • Talent
  • Life Skills
  • Leadership

ICT centers: We are working towards bridging the digital divide in Kenya. We are achieving this by establishing Community Resource Center accessible to all members of the target communities.

Past Achievement

  • Donated books to 2 secondary schools, 1 primary school and 1 children's homes
  • Mentored 2300 secondary school girls & boys through the ILead Program and Somo2Kazi Program
  • Mentored 1050 primary school children through the Ilead Program & Book_A_Child Program.
  • Formed 1 education based club at Kirigiti Girls Rehabilitation Center
  • Started up 1 Book_A_Child Library at Mzizima Primary School in Kilifi County.

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